Python Packages in Atom IDE?


Must I use this with Atom IDE or is functionality built into Atom IDE ?

Would any of you say that the Atom IDE is similar to PyCharm ?


ide-python is part of Atom-IDE. Like everything else in Atom, you have the ability to pick and choose which functionality you want in your personal editor. If a different Python language server package comes out, you can use that. If you really liked pylint or pylama, you can use those.

In what sense? Probably not, because I don’t often speak about IDEs with people who aren’t developers.


What makes a developer and what doesn’t in your point of view ?


I would assume that anybody who is working on their own coding projects, either as a hobby or professionally, knows what an IDE is. I would only describe Atom and PyCharm as similar if I were speaking with someone who didn’t know what an IDE was. Unless, that is, the similarity was being asked about with regard to a specific feature, and then my answer would depend on whether or not the programs share that feature.


I know what an IDE is. I should have mentioned whether the feature set is the same between both programs; what benefit does Atom IDE have if anything over PyCharm consider most praise PyCharm over Atom IDE.


That is okay; no shame in that.

As a colourful opinion:
Atom in the advertised “IDE” functionality is at its infancy.
That is not to say that Atom will not fill the shoes in some way or another.

At this very moment Atom is a town on the frontier, with its roads not yet tarred. For those looking to be part of building this town, they’ll feel right at home.

Pycharm is well developed and fixed to its ways.
If you like the city lights and decorations, then this one is for you.


FWIW, I personally use Wing for a python IDE, and Atom for virtually everything else. Atom support for Python is good (especially with community packages like MagicPython), but Wing has excellent built-in debugging support among many other things.

Bottom line: if you just write Python once in a while Atom is more than fine; if you’re developing Python programs professionally, for production, you’ll want something like Wing (or PyCharm, which also is pretty good).

And, of course, the picture might be very different six months from now.


Atom isn’t limited to Python. When you’re using Atom, you get to use the same set of utilities and the same set of customizations regardless of what you’re working on. Atom is also designed to be more easily customizable than any other editor out there.