Hello everyone.
Yesterday I try to install python-jedi but i find out its developer accout on github for this project is deleted so I cant install it .
I use linux so i cant use Kite and its really important to me to use auto complate because Im a beginner and Im learning new libs.
Now i force installed the mother project of this project python auto complate plus jedi (Im not sure about name)
that python-jedi project forked from (a condition like pil and pillow )
is there anyone know another engine for linux or a kind of solution ? or have it downloaded in apm cache ? or any other way to help?


autocomplete-python can use Jedi, but the most modern solution is ide-python. One of those two should work for you.


thanks , ide-python worked ! I totally forgot that
and autocomplete-python use jedi-python but jedi-python is removed
All in all now I have what i want


I’m not sure where that information is coming from. It’s not listed as a dependency for the package. There is a package that was forked from autocomplete-python that only has Jedi functionality, called autocomplete-python-jedi. And this last one is linked to from the Jedi documentation.