Python jedi: autocomplete-jedi


I have installed the python jedi package:


…but it does not seem to be doing anything.

Does anyone have any experience or suggestions?


I got it to work by opening Atom from the command line.
Does anyone know what might cause this differing behavior?

@leedohm can you open this back up? It has new info not in the other post, and this is now a broader scope that could benefit from reaching a broader audience. - thanx!


@leedohm, ok sounds good, but the topic of why Atom might act differently depending on whether I launch it by clicking on its icon or by using the command line (both os x), you must admit that topic is somewhat different, no?

thanks again! :smile:


Closing as duplicate of the original topic you already posted in …

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No, I will not open this topic back up. It is a duplicate of the other topic … both are talking about JEDI support in Atom and both mention the autocomplete-jedi package as a solution. The only new information you have is a question around getting autocomplete-jedi to work properly … which can easily be addressed in the other topic.

When it makes sense, we try to keep discussion in one location so that newcomers can find all the information they need without having to go through five or six topics to find the information they want. And I believe in this case that it makes sense to keep discussion about how to make autocomplete-jedi (to my knowledge, the only endeavor to bring JEDI support to Atom) functional in the topic about JEDI support in Atom.