Python function manual



I’m more of a beginner on coding and I still need to look up frequently how to use a function, which inputs it takes, and what it does. Is there any way of displaying the official function documentation so I don’t have to google it each time?

I saw that there is a plugin called Kite, but it needs you to register and upload all your files to their cloud - which is a nogo.
I just want to quickly look up the documentation of a function, that’s all. It seems like every IDE got this feature except for Atom where I can’t find it. Maybe there is a package which does this?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, I just started with Atom.
Thank you!


I like your question. It would be nice to have a type of look-up reference “embedded” into the Atom framework, without needing to link to the web.

Currently (in Windows) I use the manual (CHM) that came with the installation of Python.


I think autocomplete-python package does this quite well.


autocomplete-python with Jedi is what you want, yes.