Python, docstring and folding


The following docstring is not managed because its content is not indented (this is a legal use of triple quotes).

class MyClass:
Here is a docstring  : bla,
    def __init__(self):


please report here :


Here is the report.


I don’t believe this is an issue with the Python language package. Atom’s code folding is based completely off of indentation to my understanding, there isn’t anything the Python language package can really do about that.


So it dosen’t fold brace based languages too , if theres no identation?

Personally , i do not like code folding ,

A Wise man once saids ,

If you do not want to read it , why you wrote it in the first place.


My problem is that I use docstrings in Python to document precisely my code and this can be relatively long sometimes, that is why I need a good folding.

Secondly, there is really a problem with indentation. Just try what is below to see that example can be folded.

    bla, bla, bla....

bla, bla, bla....