Python Debugger / IDE


I’ve been using PTVS (Python Tools for Visual Studio) for a few years now, but an migrating my development environment away from windows, and am having a hard time finding something to code/debug with that works cross platform. That’s when i started thinking, why not an atom package?!
So, after a little research, it looks like the ‘guts’ of PTVS are actually written in python, the same goes for the built-in IDE (IDLE).
So i was wondering if anyone knows if it’s possible to interop between coffeescript and python (google didn’t help me out very much there), and if so, if this is something anyone else would be able to help out with!
The other option would try to bind to the TCP/IP socket that python opens up when it runs and manage it via pure coffeescript…
I was looking at ide-haskell and it looks like breakpoints/inspection is possible!
Just some background, i’ve never written a line of coffeescript in my life, but dream in python…


Have a look at Python debugger for Atom