Purpose of `*` in config.cson


The root key is *, why not just go straight to the keys?


There are also language specific settings at that level.


Can you clarify? I don’t quite understand. Thanks!


* means the settings there are global, regardless of the file type.

You can also have keys like .latex.tex.text, which contain config settings specific to LaTeX files. For example, that’s where I enable softwrap. The result is

  • no wrapping by default,
  • unless it’s a LaTeX file, in which case soft wrap.
    softWrap: false
    softWrap: true

(This is just an example; I can’t actually see the softWrap key under *.editor)

* Also note that these settings are written automatically when you change the language settings, so you don’t need to work this stuff out manually.


Oh wow that totally makes sense now! Thank you!