Purple html and css code


My html and css code turns completely purple after I have used it for awhile then freezes. I can not fix it after it does this. Is there a fix for this problem. Is frustrating losing work to this.



What version of Atom are you running? What community packages do you have installed? Does this happen with documents that aren’t set as HTML or CSS? Does it happen when you start Atom from the command line with atom --safe? Does the color change happen before the freeze, or are they contemporaneous?


Atom 1.17.0 x64, I added beautify and preview html. I am taking a class have not used anything other then html/css yet. The change happens when I am well into the project, changes color of all my code both html and css to completely purple and freezes. This is the first time I have used an editor but I have had to restart my project twice which is not good for meeting deadlines.


When Atom freezes, your work gets lost? Is that all work, or just work since the most recent save?

I don’t know what’s happening, and it’s impossible to figure out what’s happening until we know enough to predict when things go wrong.


I lose all my work both the html/css files-- everything in folder. But am learning to make copies. I will take a screen shot next time and send it in. I deleted it for fear of hack, virus ect.


This is a sample-- everything I did yesterday(above the green) is fine but today everything on the HTML side is orange and green. I cannot click on anything that is orange and green, it won’t line up like it is on top.



What it looks like to me is that there’s an unmatched " character on line 45 that’s messing up the highlighting, but I have no idea why you wouldn’t be able to click on it.

You said everything went purple, though. This is a different color.