Pull Request: how to diagnose failure?

I recently submitted pull request for core atom here and found that it failed the Travis CI test. I want to know why, so I clicked on ‘details’, which brought me here. I’m not sure exactly what is going on, so I can’t diagnose the problem.

Any tips?

I restarted the two failed builds since they seemed to be transient errors. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! is restarting those builds something that only members of the Atom project can do?

I received some errors regarding a “run-spec” task. I understand that specs are basically regression tests that are run to ensure that pull requests like mine don’t break Atom, but as I was scanning through the error messages I found that I had errors thrown from files that I don’t have in my spec directory. Where should I be looking to figure out what went wrong?

Yes, that’s correct.

Step #1 in any troubleshooting effort is “Can you replicate the problem somewhere else in a controlled environment?” So, have you run the Atom specs on your local machine? If so, what are the results? If not, do so and then see the former question :wink: