Publishing new package failed


Hi guys, I’ve followed the package publish guide here. And while running apm publish, an error occurred saying:

$ apm publish minor
GitHub Username or Email> void-main
Two-Factor Authentication Code> XXXXXX
Saving token to Keychain ✓
Registering atom-2048 ✗
Registering package failed: That repo does not exist, isn't an atom package, or you do not have access

I do have pushed the code to github, and I don’t know what is wrong here, can anybody help me out?


Never minde, I didn’t notice the repository field is auto-filled with atom… my bad…


I hope you don’t mind, but I renamed the topic and formatted a little to make this issue easier to resolve when others find this thread.

It also sounds like you forgot to change the user ID portion of the repository URL:

  "repository": ""

It has happened to me a couple times too …

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