Publishing as an organisation?


How do you publish packages as a github organisation on

I’ve seen organisation accounts on, but I see no option to select the org when logged in :frowning:
How is this done?

Can this be done by users, or are these special cases?


See the “Maintaining Your Packages” section of the Atom Flight Manual, specifically this section:

Note: Anyone that has push access to your repository will have the ability to publish new versions of the package that belongs to that repository.

So if you are a member of the organization that has push access, then you can publish that package.


Thanks leedohm

Will this then create a profile page for the organisation in and publish the package through that, or will it link it to the personal profile who’s api key is being used?


It shows up as belonging to the organization:


Ahh awesome.

I guess it wasn’t clear to me that there was a separation between user accounts and github profile pages, but that’s good to hear.

Cheers @leedohm!