Published package doesn't display any informations [resolved]


I just published my jake package, but as you can see it does not show the README and the license. And here is the output of apm view jake:

└── 0 stars

This is a really weird output, it doesn’t show the link to the repo or the description of my package.
But when you click on the Repo button on the package page it correctly links to my Github repository.
I’m on Linux and I published my package using the apm publish command.
Maybe I did something wrong but I didn’t find what.
Thanks for your help :smile:


Have you run apm login yet?


No, but I entered my user token and the package is correctly linked to my account. Should I run apm login ?


Sounds like it did it for you, but I would try it anyway.


Ok, it works now :smile:
This is what I did:

$ apm login 
$ apm unpublish
$ apm publish patch 

I don’t really understand why it did not work at first, but now the problem is resolved :+1:
Thanks for your help :heart: