Publish tiny packages?


I make some tiny packages for my personal needs. For example my most recent is a command that changes all backslashes in a selection to forward slashes. I use it constantly for paths copied from windows. It is basically acting as a macro would in other editors.

Would it be silly to publish these little things?

Also, is there a different way to do macros? I find it trivial to do a generate-package and modify it.


Personally, you never know what someone else is going to find useful. I have a few packages that started out as “tiny little packages” that I thought I was going to be the only user of (white-cursor and soft-wrap-indicator come to mind most readily). Mostly, I published them to make it easy to have them installed both at work at home. None of them are taking the Atom world by storm … but they have enough downloads so that I know that I’m not the only one using them.

I say publish them unless there’s some legal or personal reason why you shouldn’t.


OK, here it is …

reverse-slashes package

Reverses direction of slashes in selected text.


Press ctrl-alt-\ to reverse the direction of one type of slash only. It changes the type that has the most occurances in the selection.

Key Binding

The command reverse-slashes:toggle is bound to ctrl-alt-\ by default.


Copyright Mark Hahn using the MIT license.


Actually mark, your reverse-slashes packages is exactly something I was looking for few days ago :smile:


I guess if I need something the odds are good at least one or two others will also.

Shameless plug: I have it as a \ button on my command-toolbar. I’m not sure it would be worth it if I had to remember a key binding or use the command-palette.