Proxy http requests as file://someURL to localhost:8080:/someURL to avoid CORS issues


I have a tomcat server running on my machine and I am trying to do drag and drop between pages served by tomcat (viewed in an iFrame) and Atom. I am running into issues though since they are different origins.

The origin for Atom is file:// and the server is at http://localhost:8080.

What I am looking for is to be able to set the src of the iframe to file://something/myURL and have Atom understand that and send the request to http://localhost:8080/myURL this will resolve my CORS issue. @mark_hahn since you worked on web-browser maybe you have some ideas?

This might also be a solution for this request.

Disable Web Security not working

What you are describing happens in chrome, not in Atom. I don’t know if that can be done or not. If you google “iframe change src url” you’ll get a ton of results.


@mark_hahn, I am not trying to change the SRC of an iFrame I can do that easily enough. I am trying to proxy the src for the iframe so that I do not have cors issues.

Another possible solution would be to launch atom with the chromium instance having security disabled. I’m looking into that now.


Fixed by Disable Web Security not working