Provide proper multi-OS docs


Reload Atom by pressing cmd-alt-ctrl-l to see the changes you made reflected in your Atom window. Pretty neat!

Very neat indeed.
You can view all of Atom’s UI components by opening the styleguide: open the command palette (cmd-shift-P) and search for styleguide, or just type cmd-ctrl-shift-G

OK, this is what my keyboard looks like:

Please let me know how I can press all those button combinations, otherwise please consider the fact that the majority of your users are not on Macs.


In the meantime, you can at least search for most commands into the palette and see suggestions alongside keyboard shortcut.
The first example pops up if you search for reload.

I agree though, that shortcuts could be listed for all platforms in documentation.

If you feel you can contribute to get to this point quicker, the repo for atom-docs are here:

I’m sure a pull request with updated shortcuts will be appreciated.


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Hmm. This looks like a bug to me. The text ought to reflect the OS that you are using, IMHO.

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