Prompt window


I have looked and havent found an answer for this so

Can atom run a prompt window? ie JS prompt(“blah blah blah”)

When I go preview pane It never shows the prompt. So to test I have to open in a browser.


You’re using a package to execute your JavaScript? Which package?


i have javascript-snippets installed


That’s a snippets package. What package are you using to generate the preview pane?




Mind sharing your code so that I can try to observe what’s going on?


not at all

Best way to share?


A gist is very convenient if it’s one document. If there’s more than one, uploading it to a GitHub repo is a great way to show off your code because it lets someone else download it and have exactly the same files that you’re working with. It doesn’t sound like your code is very complex, but if multiple changes need to be made, it’s easier for the person asking for help to read and understand the differences in a pull request than talking over a forum can really manage.


Okay when I get home tonight it’s not very complicated at all since I’m
just starting. Just getting tired of having to open its in Chrome or some
other browser to preview I just thought maybe there was a way to make Atom
and HTML preview open it


It should be able to run your code, but I can’t tell you anything useful about your situation without experiencing it.




Okay, I’ve looked at it and it does seem like the preview package cannot run any of the dialog box functions. I looked at the package repo and it hasn’t been updated since July.

If you want to test your logic from within Atom, you will probably have to use an input tag.


ok cool thanks for all the help i appreciate it!