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As i understand all information about active session getting saved as “project” in atom’s folder attached to list of folders opened in the project, its nice but have one solidary problem,: if you closing project (want it to stay saved) and ‘acsidently’ opening same set of folders you getting the save files overwriten and loosing your previous session, it would be awesome if the best text editor would get an ability to save project somewhere (as file or with custom name to preset file in config’s folder).
Is any chance what the addition will be implemented ?




I suggest you use a project management package (there are several; I use project-viewer) to keep your folders organized. That should prevent you from reopening a folder when you don’t mean to. Additionally, you should consider saving your files more regularly. It’s not good practice to rely on a program to restore unsaved work, because that will fail sometimes.


the packages using same system (and it doesn’'t “preventing” anyhow), deal not in text in files, its cool when all the changes history, splited panels, scrolls and ! foldings ! are where you left them, and what i’m saying is its cool to have ability to SAVE it, relaying on program to present for opening the save is not a problem.


Also where the cache getting stored to now? (for i could move it to other atom in case will need to)


anyone ? :slightly_frowning_face:


The way you translate into English doesn’t make sense. I can’t read most of what you have written.

You can copy the .atom folder.


Does in v.1.19.0 information about foldings not getting saved in projects ?
(or its some problem only here)


Try the package remember-folds.


thank you, alot, anyone know why the functionality been removed from atom in 1.19.0 ?



Remembering the folds of the code was not a standard feature. I know I did not have it in V1.18 or V1.17. Perhaps one of your packages gave you this and you are not using this package or it is not working properly.

Are there any warning/error messages in the development console as you are using Atom?



Curious, i’m sure i had it previous time i installed atom, but i didn’t installed any packages except language


anyway looks like the package working fine, so problem solved :slight_smile:, still hope ability to save session will be implemented :slight_smile: ,
some addition to the topic’s theme:
Also other point of the functionality is that atom automatically saving to project each change in interface and if the program will get stucked and be closed, it can break the project and it will be unable to open (happened with me ~17hours ago), so ability to save the project, maybe to file with some atom’s format, would be great work saving.


(sorry for double post)
and folds saving probably should be part of the project saving system :slight_smile:
(if it, as been said, wasn’t part of the atom)


You are a hacker right? (not asking if you’re black hat or black hat)
You are good at it - right?
You are part of this hacker community - right?

You have some good points [**] in your argument.

Now Atom, we will agree, is a very good base for creating code. Not so much for handling mutli projects though. But then there are some good packages that can be helpful.

So… why not you start a package project of your own (sarcasm := VOID)? Since so much are available as open source and permitted for use, there are enough material to combine on your project to have a good start. Try and motivate others to join in too.

That is what it is all about.

[**] :: Footnote ::
I do not like having my activities tracked. Having a system track my movements - even for my convenience - is bad (IMO); not being able to control / clear the tracked activity - - worse! My point? - I for one would not want what you think should be standard. Auto-save also leaves traces… munching resources.


Atom does save your sessions. If you open a folder and open a few files in that folder, close Atom, and then reopen the same folder, all of your work will return in the same place. With the project management packages that I mentioned, it’s easy to keep track of each of these folders.


as i said problems in that is:
you can’t have it presaved in other place for returning to it:

  1. in case of some action braking down the autosaved project,
  2. if you unpurposely opening same set of folders from other window, you loosing the save.