Project w/ 2x Folders Each Own Repo


I have a WordPress site I’m working on, the project is two folders, /custom-theme/ and /custom-plugin/, each folder has it’s own GitHub .git repo’s.

I noticed that Atom’s GitHub sidebar controls show and works only with the first folder/repo, not the second. I can’t figure out how to tell the GitHub sidebar which folder/repo to use.

In searching, I found methods exists at the code level for switching between which folder/repo to use within a project, but I couldn’t find anything at the user level.


If you left-click on the second project folder in the tree view and drag it to the top, does the GitHub tab change which one it can see?


thanks for your reply. but figured it out … I must of been real tired :man_facepalming:t2::

in tree view, selecting between folders won’t change the GitHub panel. however, opening files, while in that file the GitHub repo switches to respective folder repo. Works perfectly fine.