Project View Bugs


The Project View will not close and won’t let go of focus. I literally can’t use Atom with this. Is this a known problem?

I saw this same issue about one year ago. I uninstalled Atom because it was suddenly unusable when this feature became a default.

I’m running Linux Cinnamon Mint 18.1.


Can’t edit my own post.

I disabled tree-view, a default package Obviously, the tree-view/project view is helpful for workflow; so this is still undesirable.

This is the only workaround I have.


What version of Atom are you running (atom -v)? And do you see the same issue in safe mode (atom --safe)?

Atom    : 1.26.1
Electron: 1.7.11
Chrome  : 58.0.3029.110
Node    : 7.9.0

I’m not seeing the problem in safe mode.


Thanks :+1: That means that the issue is probably caused by a community package you have installed - I think I vaguely remember one in particular causing similar behavior. Can you share your installed package list?

apm list --packages --installed



├── Sublime-Style-Column-Selection@1.7.4
├── atom-toolbar@0.1.6 (disabled)
├── busy-signal@1.4.3
├── color-picker@2.2.5 (disabled)
├── dart@1.0.1
├── dartlang@0.7.1 (disabled)
├── fancy-bracket-matcher@2.1.0
├── highlight-selected@0.13.1
├── intentions@1.1.5
├── linter@2.2.0 (disabled)
├── linter-ui-default@1.6.10 (disabled)
├── minimap@4.29.8
└── synced-sidebar@0.4.3


Ahhh that’s it, I’m pretty sure it’s synced-sidebar:


That’s it!

Disabling synced-sidebar fixed the problem in normal mode.

To keep synced-sidebar enabled:

The problem was solved by turned off “Reveal on Focus” setting in Tree view settings.
— MeDBejoHok

Thank you so much for helping with this. It threw off my entire process for the last year when it broke. It caused me to move to Vim, which just can’t accomplish a number of things without months of learning and hacking. I was having a difficult time finding the bug on this issue as well.


Better just to remove disable or remove synced-sidebar.