Project symbols are empty



Whenever I try to pop up the project symbols (ruby project) the list is empty, and I get the following message

Project has no tags file or it is empty

What can I do to fix this ?



@Intrepidd you need to generate a tags file using ctags or other tag generator.



I’m used to ST3, which updated the tags on the fly, is there a way to do so with atom without having to constantly regenerate the tags file myself ?


Coming from ST3 I’m missing this, too.

That said, Atom has a package you can install called Symbol Gen, which will pretty easily generate the tags whenever you want with cmd+opt+G.

I wonder if there’s an equivalent keyboard shortcut for cmd+opt+down which jumps to the symbol under the cursor?

Anyone know of a way to see all default keybindings? One nice thing about ST3 was you could open the default keybindings JSON file to see what’s in there.


Yes, if you open Settings with cmd-, then in the upper left of the pane you’ll see a selection to view (searchable too!) all keybindings:

If you have an overridden keybinding, it is called out in an alternate color like this:

How to see the default keybindings

I really think that have the symbols in a similar fashion to Chocolat would be much better. i.e. having the Symbol list as another bar down the right hand side showing a Symbol for what type of symbol it is, and allow the user to click on them to focus. It is one of my absolute favourite features of Chocolat!