Project-specific plugins?


I’m trying to work on a collection of projects to help me with my writing (novels, short stories). It involves some grammar things, analysis, etc. One of the big one is spell-checking which is something I think I need to rework from the existing package because I use multiple word lists (“dictionary” even if it is wrong) at the same time (a byline, one or more genres, a world, a project, and the system word lists). Also, which dictionary becomes important because I have some projects that require different word lists (for example, Websters verses Oxford have different rules for hyphenation of certain words).

Originally, I wrote a package for Emacs to handle it (caspell), and life was good. But, I was seriously considering switching over to Atom for writing novels and this is one of the hanging points.

My original idea was to write a package that handled multiple dictionaries (including a bit more than word lists) and then create NPM/APM packages for the individual dictionaries (byline as a private one, “fantasy” or “sci-fi” as a public one, “fedran” for my world-specific entries). That way, I could include only the dictionaries I want for a given project.

Which leads into the actual question: is there a way to have project-specific plugins? I create a lot of characters and I don’t like polluting my dictionary with the first and last names of all those characters. No one cares about Ronamar outside of one novel, so that is why I use a specific one for that project. And I’d rather not have any of these fancy dictionary features in my C# or Typescript development. :slightly_smiling: I don’t mind having a file at the project root, but is this completely antithesis to Atom or something that could be done?


I believe the easiest way is to have a per project file that manage settings (for example which dictionary)

I know that many of the atom ftp plugin will manage per project login server / creds if you need an example implementation.