Project managment



It there an existing “project management” application allowing to create new projects from a kind of template or config file.
What I’m looking for is a application capable of generating a project (folder on disk) containing sub-folders and files so that one can start a new project kind of initialized way (All start sub-folders and empty files created).
All this customizable from a template or configuration files.



Have you tried searching the Atom packages list?



Thanks for the fast reply.
Yes I did search for both template and project-manager.
But did not find what I’m looking for.
Must say that for most packages the description is very short.
One should try all packages he/she is looking for in order to find what’s wanted.
For that I’ve no time and don’t feel called.
I do installed some and tried them but as written earlier, they did not do what I’m looking for.


Try looking into yeoman for nodeJS.
Then you could use atom-yeoman to do your scaffolding without leaving atom.


Sorry for the late reply, was out.
I will try your suggestion.