Project Manager


Hey, last week I made a Project manager since I really missed that feature from Sublime Text and then I posted about it in the How to work with projects thread. Since then it have got a couple of downloads and some feedback, so after some changes and new features I just released a new version.

You can find it here

Please try it out and let me know how it works and if you have any requests or find a bug :slight_smile:


How to work with projects


What is the correct format for the projects.cson file?

Maybe, you can edit this file by default by adding a sample project with the correct structure.



Easiest way to add a new project would be to search for “save project” in the command palette cmd+shift+P, write the title and press enter, then it will be added to that file and you can see the correct structure :slight_smile:


Great plugin, very simple and great way to open up projects without switching to a term. Will be of daily use.


While looking through the Atom API I found that you can do some settings to the current editor that wont effect the others or the atom settings, namely soft tabs, soft wrap and tab length. So I added that into the Project Manager, so now you can add a settings object on each project, or just the projects you want different settings on.

'Project Manager:'
  'title': 'Project Manager'
  'paths': [
    'setSoftTabs': true # Enable or disable soft tabs
    'setSoftWrap': true # Enable or disable soft wrap
    'setTabLength': 2   # Set the on-screen length of tab characters

Normally I test all updates on my home and work computer before publishing the update, but I wont be at work for a couple of days so I have just tested it on one computer, so please let me know if you find any bugs :slight_smile:



I have now added keybindings for Windows and Linux ctrl+alt+p and done a quick test to see if the Project Manager works on those plattforms, and it seems fine :slight_smile:

However, since I don’t usually use Windows/Linux, please let me know if you find any bugs :bug: on those plattforms.

Also, there is now support for custom icons in the project list. Please have a look at the project page to see how it works :slight_smile:


@danielbrodin Thanks for the update. Now that Atom is open-sourced, do you have any plans on adding the multiple directories to the core and seeing if the core developers will pull them in? In looking through src/ it appears someone could add an array of paths and keep backwards compatibility by using paths[0] for current functions. Tree-view would also require changing as well as a several other places but is it something you are looking at?


Hey @dcunited08. I’m so sorry, I have completely missed that you wrote here. At the moment I have a lot of work and other things to think about so I do not have any plans to add multiple directories myself for now, but if the API stays the same the Project Manager should already have support for it if anyone else implements it. If it changes I will of course make sure to support it though :slight_smile:


Hello, how do I set a default project when I open atom? Every time I open it does not load the project I created and saved


Is there any documentation on how to use it?
I have no experience with what exactly Sublime’s project manager is supposed to do, so I don’t know what it actually does for me, if this package is fulfilling the same purpose.


You can have a look at the package page, but it basically let’s you save your projects into a list for easy access and changing between them so you don’t have to find the correct folder each time you want to open a project you are working on.


Automatically re-opening a project is currently not a feature. I do think there is a package however that re-opens the last opened project if that is what you want? Don’t know what it’s called though.


I suppose what I was looking for is a definition of what is defined as a project in this case.
Different IDEs have different definitions and configurations etc., so is it basically just folders, which one can save and re-open instead of opening new windows?


Is it possible to add a feature to have all the projects in the same execution of Atom and move betweeen them without opening and closing it?

EDIT: I add this edit because i was reading the documentation. I use Windows and i tried the shortcut to open a project (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P) but it does not shows the option to choose a project.


Do you have the Close Current option enabled? Disabling it will just switch window/open the project without closing the one you are currently on.

Just to make sure, have you saved a project using command palette -> Project Manager: Save Project to have any projects to list? If you have, can you try open the projects list from the command palette Project Manager: Toggle? If that works but not the keybinding I guess there is something else that uses that keybinding, either Atom or the system. In that case you could make a new keybinding for the Project Manager in your keymap.cson.


Yes, i have disabled the Close Current option and for the second problem; yes i saved my projects and i can open it using the Project Manager: Toggle but the system either Atom does anything when i press the keybinding.

I don’t know how to add a new keybinding for your package :confused:


Here is the docs for keymaps if you want to read some more, but you can find the Open your keymap in the Atom menu, there you can write

  'ctrl-alt-p': 'project-manager:toggle'

where ctrl-alt-p is the keybinding you want to use


When I try to remove projects from the projects.cson file, I receive the error:

“Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined”

Any solution for this, or any idea why I’m receiving this?

Version 2.6.5
Atom Version: 1.3.2

UPDATE: This error doesn’t seem to keep me from actually saving and updating the file…just FYI


Is there a way to create a new, blank project with this tool? I keep overwriting existing projects when I want to start a new one


If you want to open a blank project in Atom, open a new window and select File -> Add Project Folder.