Project List goes missing


I’m new to Atom; trying to get used to it so I can leave Eclipse behind. A weird problem I’m having though is that after a week or so of use, Atom starts acting funny. It won’t properly quit and has to be Force Quit (I’m on a Mac). Then when I bring it back up, the Project List/pane/whatever you call it is gone and there doesn’t seem to be a way to bring it back. I can open another project, but that list still doesn’t appear.

What I end up doing to fix it is I remove my ~/.atom directory and it loads up as if it was a new installation. Then I have to re-open all of my projects and update my settings. It’s happened on two different Macs so far.

Oh and the Force Quit thing doesn’t necessarily cause the problem; sometimes just rebooting does it. But it’s happened twice on one Mac and once on the other.

My copy is fully updated as of the time of this posting, as are both Macs in terms of system software.



I don’t use a Mac and have no insight on your bigger question, but I can answer this.

The tree-view package has a command that you can access through the menu bar. Just go to Packages -> Tree View -> Toggle.


Thanks… yeah I remember seeing the shortcut for it (CMD-) but that didn’t do anything when it was in that state.


Do you have any community packages installed? If so, curious if when you see this again, instead of resetting to factory defaults by removing your ~/.atom directory, if starting in safe mode (atom --safe) makes a difference.