Project icons / colors?

Loving Atom - only wish I migrated over sooner.

Why are the project icons different from project to project (within my config)? How do I control this or configure these icons? I can’t figure it out.

Gene, the anal retentive chef (me) wants them to all be the same.

I installed package … file-icons … which helps.

The first folder you have is a git repository. I’m not sure if there’s a setting to change it, but if there is it would be in Setings ➔ Packages ➔ tree-view

They’re not different from project to project. The first one is different because it is a git repo and Atom automatically detects any git repos in the first project folder. You can’t configure that as a vanilla user (although, if you really want to, you could make a package to do it like the file-icons package does for normal files).

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That was it!