Project Folders : Maybe think about a new behaviour


Hey, I discovered Atom a year ago, and I really enjoy it. But I have a few issues with it, especially about the Projet Folders behaviour.

I am working on various websites and web applications, and I wanted to use Atom as my default code files edition software. For example, on Filezilla, all the classical webfiles are opened with Atom.

But when I edit a file this way, Atom is rooted in a different directory, so I loose all my Projects Folder setup. I know that this behaviour is known and even considered as a expected behaviour, according to this issue comment.

I find this behaviour quite problematic for my usage, and I think other people would love to use Atom in the same way I want to use it. That is the reason why I wanted to propose an alternative behaviour, that would make those usages way better.

When someone open a new file not from Atom directly, the folder in which this file is located is added as a temporay Project Folder, which will be removed when the files opened and edited in this folder have been closed.

This would allow us to keep our Project Folders, and to modify easily new files from folders that we might not want to keep as permanent projects folders.

I am open to any comment or suggestion about this proposition.


You’re thinking of project folders the wrong way. The tree view is not a list of your projects. It is a list of the folders in use for the current project, and each Atom window is intended to be thought of as a project. If you use a package like project-viewer or project-manager, you can add your folder paths to them and then easily go back to a previous set of folders through the package’s interface.

This is what my Atom window looks like:

All of the paths to the left are stored in project-viewer under the name Café Cusco. So when I click on that title, Atom reopens that specific project. I can click on a different project at any time and go right back to where I was in that project. It’s very convenient and doesn’t require attempting to convince the developers to change a foundational behavior of the editor.


Thank you very much for this very detailed and clear answer. I will take a look at all the links you provided.
btw, your Atom interface looks very nice!


I made a #faq post a while back with even more info, because project folders are a subject of much discussion and several people have brought questions to this forum. Atom does a few things in a way many people aren’t used to, but it is adaptable to the large majority of use cases.

Thanks. :slight_smile: In other programs, I have to deal with way more buttons than I want. I want a few buttons that all have assigned jobs, and every other command can stay hidden inside the Command Palette. I achieve this by using flex-tool-bar to create buttons for process-palette instructions, so that I can run my build script by clicking a button. When I’m not using a button, I remove it. Every other package I use (such as atom-commander) stays hidden until I need it. And then there are the cosmetic upgrades, like pigments, file-icons, rainbow-tabs, and multirow-tabs.


Thank you so much for all those precisions, I was not even aware of all those possibilities after an entire year working with Atom… That looks insane, I will need to dig into those packages!