Project Find lists duplicates for matching line


When you do a project find, if a matching line contains the search term more than once, the line is listed in the find results once for each occurrence of the search term. I would rather just see each line listed once, even if the search term appears multiple times. Screenshot attached. Note how line 82 occupies 2 rows of results.


You can file an enhancement request on the find-and-replace package for this change. I suspect it would have to be a code change, not something that CSS could do. (@simurai is one of the CSS experts here … I’m not :grinning:)


Multiple highlights in one line would work great.


Filed find-and-replace/issues/381


Don’t think it’s possible with CSS, since there is nothing that indicates that two items come from the same line.

Ya, would need to be changed in the package. Or as an option.