Profiles: switching workflows / package-sets

In my opinion “profiles” are a very important feature, that give Atom a far greater flexibility in how it is used. With the addition of profiles the workflow would benefit im my opinion, especially if you often switch from one type of work to a totally different type, for example programming in c++, editing latex document or working with Julia (Julia does alter the layout of the editor!). Without the need for having activated all packages all the time, Atom would be less clutterd with useless toolbars, redundant buttons (open/save file etc. from diefferent packages) or unused panels.

To clarify, profiles permit the switch from one set of activated packages to another set of packages. No frustating and time consuming manually activating and deactivating of packages should be nesseccary any more. Furthermore user-settings, panellayout and similar things should also be stored individually in each profile.

Is there any plan to integrate this feature? If not, why? What do you think?

I quite agree a core level implementation of profile switching (i.e. – having only suitable packages loaded with area/project specific configurations of each, including UI/theme specifics). In addition to the cognitive advantage of personalized aesthetics and workflow control, resource conservation seems obvious.

As of June 2020, it seems “profiles” remain entirely in hackish territory — multiple installs with separate config.cson files. Unnecessary redundancy seems inelegant and wasteful to me.

Wondering about implementing a small GUI front–end or selectable scripts to move different configuration “profiles” (config.cson, snippets.cson, styles.less, keymap.cson…) in/out of the app’s support folder (e.g. – Mac OS: ~.atom) then start Atom. It might remain possible to have multiple instances running if the redundancy issue is acceptable. If someone has already done something like this or better, please let me know.

I have looked at this open requirement several times (search “Profiles”) and I have learned that there are other assets outside ~/.atom folder. For example ~/.config/Atom/ and if you use markdown-preview-enhanced` there is ~/.mume.

My approach to date has been to use external automation scripts to navigate the Atom GUI to toggle profile assets (such as you have listed).

But the most powerful process manager I have found is the package process-palette. With that you can call scripts to toggle various profiles/assets and add menu items in top toolbar. I have a menu item “Automation” which launches various GUI automation scripts.

Incidentally, there might be less need for multiple profiles if a cross-platform transpiler Haxe is adopted. Unfortunately there is more support for HaXe in VSCode than in Atom. But snippets can be added.

[P.S.] HaXe can also generate Electron apps.