Profiles, any plans for this feature or workarounds?

Are there any plans or workarounds to get profiles working in atom? For example I would like to switch profiles for c++, markdown or latex editing. If all packeges are active the whole time, atom gets cluttered with toolbars and especially packeges like Julia (which I also use) do change the panel layout. Switching between different workflows is very anoying if I have to activate and deactivate dozens of packages all the time.

I think the support of “profiles” is one of the most needed features of atom and I do not understand why there is still no support for this. I like the flexibility of atom with all of its different packeges, but if there is no way of globally organize these packages to change the profile depending of the current usage, working with atom gets very frustrating.

Is there any stable and safe workaround you would suggest?

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I read earlier threads on this topic and I started to give some thought on how to approach this.

I have project-viewer package installed.

In this project-viewer panel I place a list of groups/projects which are rather like virtual hosts. I simply switch between these projects and the project root folder appears in the left hand tree-view panel…

If we require to go further and optimise (enable/disable) the packages set used by each project and also switch configuration files (cson, json) then I thought of the following approach (partially developed).

At the top of this project-viewer panel I created a new group SWITCH PROFILES and in the group I added a list of projects (one project per profile).

The general idea is to run a python script which backs up all configuration files for the active profile and then loads new configuration files for the new profile. A mapping of dependent packages for each profile will be needed. My idea was to place all this in mongodb.

After switching profile database the command Window:Reload will be needed to refresh cache.

This is similar to the Firefox profile approach.

So far, for my usage, it is enough to just switch projects and not profiles.

Interesting, thanks. But I think this can not be a final solution. Does anyone know if it is planed to implement this feature? When will it be released? Maybe some developer can give some information or some explanation, why there is no intention to implement this feature.

I think this is a good idea! Is there a feature request page in Atom?