Processing linter in Atom

Hey. I’m fairly new using Atom.
I’m a visual artist using Processing to make stuff. I recently downloaded Atom, to have a better and more general editor, in the hope that I’ll start doing other stuff then just processing java.
But the problem is, that I can’t seam to get linter to work. I installed the Linter base package, and then I installed the following processing java for linter package. Linter seems to be running fine in Atom, showing up in the bottom, but it wont show me any errors when i purposely try to make one. Nothing showing up, except for Atoms own error message. No marking the error, no telling where it finds an error ect. I’ve tried several other packages to be sure. Tried running Atom from Terminal ect. Still doesn’t work. What do I do wrong?

On Macbook pro, running Mojave 10.14.6.
Atom 1.41.0 x64