Processing FullScreen


Hi! does anybody know how to change the default output display in Atom? I`ve an extra display and i want to make a fullScreen to that display. In Processing is very easy, just go to preference and change the default.


This ‘feels’ like an OS related thing…
which OS do you have and how do you currently (manually) do this?

You should be able to construct something in


The output display of what in Atom? Atom doesn’t output anything normally, so you probably mean to ask about a package.


Hi. Good to see you.

I am assuming that @juancho01 hopes to have Atom open in full screen mode on his secondary screen (if it is plugged in) when a file needs to be opened with Atom.

If that is true, then we need more info - right?



Im on El capitan. Im using Processing package to render the sketch