Problems with the Atom editor interphase



I am struggling with the Atom interphase. Everytime when I am opening the application, the interphase appears as it is shown in the enclosed screenshot. I never experienced this problem before but even after reinstalling it opens in this inspector view. Can you help me here by any chance to get the “normal” atom editor interphase again? There must be an option to change the view but I cannot find it.

Cheers, ciroyo


here is the screenshot


Hey @ciroyo

Looking at the image there is an error that is logged to the console. This is why you are seeing this. Can you click on the Console tab and post the error message here?

Have you tried any of the debugging steps that are listed in the flight manual?


hey ben, thanks for the fast reply. Find enclosed the error message.


Hey @ciroyo

It looks like there is a permission issue in the compile-cache folder. Please close Atom and rename the .atom folder as described in the debugging guide.