Problems with packages



I have a problems with packages, i can’t install a package =(

  1. How to install package manually ?

  2. Or to fix the problem ? :smiley:


You’re looking at the list of installed packages:

Click the Install tab:


Yes but in tab “Install” i don’t find the package “localization” for example :stuck_out_tongue: (other no problem, i have understand my error)


If you can’t find a package when searching for it under the Install section, as described by @leedohm, I would suggest opening an issue on that package’s repository on Github.

Normally, everything you find on the website, should also be available in this list in the
GUI, so if it isn’t there, the package has a problem and isn’t published properly.

Having said that, I just tried the localization package’s repo and it doesn’t exist:

So it looks like the package has either been moved, or abandoned and the repo deleted without unpublishing it first.