Problems with IPC messages



I’m struggling with IPC between main and renderer processes. I’d like to be able to have the main process open a textfile and pass the contents async to the renderer. Do I do this with ipcMain or should I use remote ? Does this require more node.js then electron ? Is there a good example (complete code not fragment) showing how this might be done ?

thanks in advance


Solved the above… the code fragment on the site looks to contain a typo or error. From what I can tell the windows environment doesn’t provide the ability to connect to the console window where main.js is running. Remove the console.log from the Rendering process listener and replace with a standard messagebox or innerhtml to show passed argument.


If there’s a problem with some sample code at, you should go to the GitHub repo and open an issue to call it out or a pull request to submit a change.


I have my fix and have shared it…

I would think the electron people would note my post.



There’s no guarantee that one thread on this forum is going to catch their attention.