Problems - the menubar and tools are disappeared

I have probels with the menubar, new file, save file as html and so on. I could do it in the summertime, but now the tool are disapperared.
Please help me

Press Alt key to toggle Menu Bar view.

Dear d_I
Than you for the answer, Now it works with the Menu Bar.
Ca you tell me, too, how do I make the autocommands, fx if I write
doctype, then the Atom should suggest me, when I write the first
letters “doc”, or if i want to write

then the Atom can suggest html after me writing "<h " Looking foreward for answer. Kind regards to you from Lene

autocomplete selecting a snippet for HTML


Creating your own snippet:

To see all available snippets for a grammar (programming language):

  • Ctrl Shift P for the command pallet
  • image

Than You. I do really appreciate your answers.
Here is a link for my new site in relation to my work for the ordinary
school (8 and 9 grade).
I am so happy, because it works as it should. the indexsite and new
sites are all made in Atom. The old sites are made in NotePad.
Kind regards Lene

That is good news Lene.

Good luck forward.