Problems Submitting to itunesconnect


I have built an electron apps for Mac and Windows apps are both working well in testing.

I am planning to distribute the Mac app via the Apple app store and have built and mas app using electron.

When I submit the app to Apple review, they are telling me that when they test, the app is crashing on launch and no crash log was generated by the crash.

I am experienced with distributing iOS app through the app store but this is the first MacOS app I have submitted.

Any ideas about how to proceed?


I submitted my app 3 days ago and it was approved and inside the store within a day. It has to be something with the certificates.

What I had todo was to remove the child entitlement, that one caused problems for me and the submission was fine without one.


Thanks for reply. I agree that the problem is likely to be something to do with certificates or entitlements.

I’m not sure what you mean by “remove the child entitlement” - I’m using entitlements.mas.plist from here

Did you edit this file?


See here:

You definitely need the key in there, see the doc.