Problems setting Git identity in Atom on Windows

How does Atom use git on Windows? Does it come packaged with it, or is it a dependancy that needs to be installed separately?

I donwloaded Atom, without previously having installed Git on Windows.

If I enter my name and email on the git pane, pressing continue does nothing (and, initially, it seems to show a circile with a line through it as the mouse cursor when it is over this button). (see screenshot for what I mean, without the mouse cursor, because I couldn’t be bothered to figure out how to include that in a screenshot using the Snip & Sketch tool on Windows, if that is possible)

Initially I assumed that git would be packaged with Atom, so hadn’t installed it separately, but when this didn;t work, I assumed that perhaps it relies on git being installed, so I downloaded Git for Windows ( for x86_64, not the portable instalation). I enabled git support for other applications when installing it (I assume this puts it in the PATH or something similar?). Trying again, after relaunching Atom, doesn’t make a difference. Setting these variables globally with the Git for Windows CLI also doesn;t seem to help.

I am an experience Linux user and developer, but am new to Atom and have not really developed much on Windows before, including never using git on Windows except in WSL (which I also have installed, I have git as part of a Debian instalation on WSL2, but this should be invisible to Atom I think). Any hjelp would be appreciated.

A related question: how does one deal with not being able to set the execute permission on or off for files on Windows, and not commit them to git with the wrong value? Same with symbolic links?

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I have to say, I am pretty unimpressed with thr experience ytrying to develop on Windows. Apart from peoplke writing stuff that runs on Windows, I’m not sure why people do it TBH. Linux, or even Mac OS, is a much better experience I think. Still, I don’t use it much and so find everything a headache on Windows.

No idea what the problem here is though.

Oops, I forgot to attach the screenshot of the screen I mean.

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