Problems running c++ code in atom


I’m trying to code in atom using c++ and i get this error

gcc-make-run: Compile Error
main.cpp:4: *** missing separator. Stop.

i have installed TDM GCC.


Even though this doesn’t seem like a high-level issue, I would suggest asking in a forum frequented by C++ developers. I don’t know how many are on here or how long it will take before one sees your post.


Your C++ code compiles for me with gcc 6.3.0 on Debian Linux. I tried it with three different standards flags and all compiled properly.

I was able to download the TDM toolchain, launch my Git Bash shell, and compile that file with g++.exe main.cpp. It runs and prints 1. I think the error may be in the way you have your build command configured.

Otherwise, there’s nothing special happening on line 4. Did you paste this code in from a webpage? Any chance there’s some weird hidden characters there or something?

I don’t know anything about Atom. I’m just passing by.


I wrote that code myself so it should work, i mean it works. When ii use CodeBlocks it works perfectly. MinGW is also added in my path so gcc-compiler should work. Oh well if it doesn’t work so i guess i will stick to codeblocks. I wanted to try Atom because of it’s auto completion function (and i also liked that you can costumize it however you want).


Atom doesn’t have any culpability here. Either the specific package you’ve chosen is handing off the file incorrectly (you could try gpp-compiler, script, or process-palette instead of gcc-make-run; out of all of those, process-palette gives you absolute control and a lot of functionality) or the compiler has an issue with something in the file.