Problems opening Atom on MacBook Pro (2020) with M1

I have problem opening Atom editor on MacBook Pro 2020 - with the new Apple M1 chip. After lunching on, it freezes (but I see window of editor) and computer restarts after a while. Anybody with same problems? Fresh instal with no packages.

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Does the problem persist in safe mode after clearing the windows state? See the Debugging documentation for details:

Since you’re assuming the M1 to be the source of your problem, you should provide some details. Did you launch Atom with Rosetta emulation? I’m going to assume yes because Node v15 is the first version to support Apple Silicon (see issue), but the latest stable version of Atom (v1.53 at the time of this writing) still uses Node v12.

Do you have an update for that? does Atom run on Macs with M1s?

Or doe someone else have experience with that?

If you’re trying to run it under big sur, then it’s unsupported right now. I’m just getting a blank app when I run it under catalina.

Atom runs well on Big Sur for me on intel macs.

Bit my question is regarding M1 macs and afaik Catalina cant be run on these…