Problems displaying this forum


Can we revert the software for this forum back to a week ago? It is really screwed up.


It doesn’t look screwed up to me in Google Chrome? Can you clarify?


It seems to be fixed. Last night a big part of the top of the page would freeze in place like position:fixed but be semi-transparent. Not only was it ugly but you couldn’t click on a lot of things. I’m sure it had to do with changes for the banner.


Yeah, @simurai and I were discussing it over on this topic:

It’s resolved for me at least. And yeah, it always looked fine in Chrome from what I saw.


I only use chrome in windows and it was really bad. I thought chrome was the same everywhere but I guess not.


@mark_hahn Sorry about that. Changing the behaviour of the nav seemed to have caused some z-index glitch.

For people that don’t like the new nav bar (mostly power users), you can remove it by adding

.atom-io-bar { display: none; }

to your “user style” extension.


No need to be sorry, A fast fix is always good.