Problems building/installing on Ubuntu


Here are a couple issues I ran into following the instructions in atom/docs/build-instructions/

For the install command

[sudo script/grunt install]

  • This installs /usr/local/bin/atom but only root has execute access to it.
  • The script should chown to the local user or inform the user how to do it themselves.
  • [sudo chown $USER /usr/local/bin/atom]

For the mkdeb command

[script/grunt mkdeb]

  • I had to manually set $TMPDIR to /tmp before it would work.
  • [export TMPDIR=/tmp]
  • There was no console output explaining what went wrong with the command. I wish the errors were logged and presented to the user.
  • Also there is no indication on the command line where to find the resulting /tmp/atom-build/atom-0.112.0-amd64.deb.
  • I know the says where it will be but I missed that my first time through the instructions.
  • It would have been nice if a dep package install command was presented to the user.
  • Something like [sudo dpkg -i /tmp/atom-build/atom-0.112.0-amd64.deb]

I have Atom installed and running now so it’s no big deal. These are just a couple suggestions that might make it easer on users in the future.


Sounds like a few good candidates for Pull Requests?


Which version of Ubuntu are you running. I installed from source the other day using the provided instructions and had no issues. 14.04 x64