Problem with spell checker when using accented characters



I have searched for the solution everywhere, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it.

I have just reinstalled atom (after formating) and also the brazilian portuguese dictionary (hunspell).
Then I have changed the spell checker locale to pt_BR.
It works, but not with accented characters and words.
Any word that has an accented character or cedilla charracter is marked as wrong, even if it is spelled correctly.
When I click with the right button in it and ask for suggestions, diamonds with question marks appear where the accented character is.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

I need spel checker a lot…
I have added some images below, showing a correctly spelled word being marked as wrong, the suggestions with the diamonds and the word after correction.

Thaknk you!!
Screenshot from 2017-11-20 19-55-22|500x500


Sounds like you’re hitting this issue?


Yes, rsese, exatcly this problem!
I think this bug has started in the latest versions of atom, because with me they appeared after formatting the system and installing the latest version.