Problem with running a Python Script

Can anyone tell me why I can’t run a python script when there is user input in the code? I installed the Script package and other Python scripts work just fine like they are suppose to in the Atom editor, but the script will not run when I include a line of user input. It doesn’t even print the text that precedes the user input. All I get is a blank screen of nothing.

I also installed the Terminal package and I can run the script using the terminal. But what I don’t like is that it brings up a new window and all my results go flying past the screen and there is no way to see the beginning of the results. I like how the Run Script function works better because I can put the results in a new window to see.

Thanks for any help.

I have had this problem in other editors. What are your versions of Python, iPython, and Atom (are they up to date)?