Problem with restoring Atom from last session


I open atom with at lease 7 different tabs, that’s what I like it with the atom that on the same window you can open multiple projects in a different tab.

But the pain is when I restart my Mac. Atom every time open all the projects(different tabs) in separate windows. So there will be like 7 different windows every time. And unfortunately, I can not able to combine them all in one Window. So I have to close other 6 tabs for an example and then keep reopening again for combining them.

So the question is, Is there any way that I can reopen atom from my last session, like exactly same it was?

Using Atom 1.18.0.


Are you talking about Sierra’s tabs? If so, I’m not sure if it’s possible for Atom to know how to return to that configuration, since that feature is on the operating system’s side of things.


I think you are right, It might be Mac OS feature. Because in Atom Beta I can not even open multiple tabs (two or more project) in the same window.

So back to the problem, I have one question. Does Atom have any feature when you can open different projects in the same window but in different tabs? (Assume Chrome with different tabs but all have different websites open).

Like other editor tell you that it’s not possible to open different projects in the same window. But Atom so far allows it with macOS feature.
CC: @DamnedScholar


Atom doesn’t allow it, no. Mac OS Sierra allows it, and any operating system could allow it, if they implemented a feature like that, but most operating systems rely completely on applications to manage their own windows and tabs.