Problem with php file and linter


hi , i used atom editor but when type example:

if ($state == dallas) {

linter not work for if ($state == dallas) so correct this if ($state == "dallas")
in other editor like phpstorm warning for this! how to active this?


The linter package requires for you to install additional packages for specific linters you want to use with it. You may want to take a look at the full linters list on the website for the package to determine which one you want to use.


i use the linter-php but not show warning


Does the underlying linter that linter-php uses catch this issue? If not, then you may want to consider another linter provider. If so, then you should file a bug on the linter-php package.


how to solve this problem?


linter-php runs php’s own syntax check (you can run it in the command line with php -l) which, if I’m correct, will just check if your syntax is valid. Since your syntax is valid it won’t complain.


you say i cant do it? even manual?


Sadly, yes that’s what I’m saying


There are two other linters for PHP listed on the linter page I mentioned above. Have you tried either of those, like I suggested?


not work for this progress