Problem with Packages in Atom [svn/todo-show]


Hey all,

As first sorry if that is wrong here.
As in the title mentioned I have a Problem with the 2 Packages.
I asked in their Github and searched but no Real results.

Package: Svn

Whats wrong?: Its not marking lines/files and so on if changed.

I have installed it over command line once and over Atom +Install Packages once, both times it was not working.
Git-Diff is enabled. And more setups are not explained to get it running.
I worked earlier with Atom and Github there it was working, changed Files were Orange.
https// (not allowed for more as 2 links)
This is working fine with Atom. It shows changed Files which I can Commit then.
So svn is working fine it has something to be with the Package…


Package: todo-show

Whats wrong?: Searching in Workspace/Project shows bower_components results as well.
In settings:
ignoreThesePaths: [’ ** /node_modules/’, ’ ** /vendor/’, ‘** /bower_components/’] //that were the defaults
ive added as extra to test
[**/node_modules/, **/vendor/, **/client/bower_components/, **/bower_components/, **/client/app/bower_components/]
it is still not working.
But the package works in General. Finding my Todos and Ignoring node_modules, except bower_components.


Thx for Help :slight_smile:




If you’re having problems with specific packages, you may want to contact the maintainers of those packages. The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.