Problem with opening files and tabs


After updating to v1.2, I have problems with opening files and tabs:

  • I can not open a file via File/Open… menu.
  • I can not open files via double-click in the sidebar. If I click on file once, then slowly second time (not doubleclick), the file opens.
  • Tabs are not visible. When I open multiple files, it is not possible to switch between them.

I made this video to show the symptoms:

I have tried to reset all preferences, disable all addons. I have deleted the app, deleted all com.github.* files in ~/Library/Preferences folder, then downloaded the app again. Same problem.

Am I alone experiencing this bug? Any tips what can I do to fix this? Thanks.


I’m experiencing the same exact problems. Have temporarily switched to Brackets to be able to work.


Can you try the following:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Move or delete the ~/.atom/storage folder
  3. Start Atom again


Thanks. That worked.