Problem with multi-line comment block line



As can be seen in the above image, when the closing */ is preceded by a space relative to it’s matching /*, the block line continues past the */. This causes code that is pasted below the comment to be indented by one space.

Is there anyway I can fix this? Ie. force the line to stop at the */?

Edit: I am not sure whether this line is a built-in feature of atom, or is from a package. If it is from a package, could you please let me know the name of said package, and any information relevant to fixing this issue.


…and the program language you are coding in is: ______
…and the language-package you use is: ______

Okay - I tested with C++ and Javascript.

When starting to type like:


then there is no issue.

The trouble is when starting with:


ending with */ does not close the block comment as you expect it.

Sorry - I have no idea for you.


This was in JavaScript. It is caused by the fact that the closing */ is preceded by a space [edit: relative to the opening /*], if that space if removed there is no problem, though this looks messy.


By coincidence, I submitted a PR that (nearly) fixed this. This actually showed me a case it missed, so thanks.

I don’t know when it will get merged, but it looks like it will eventually.


Additionally to that, it would be nice if the indent line, or whatever it is called in settings, also ended correctly instead of continuing until some other line of code is hit.


What do you mean by that?


Notice the line to the left of the comment, it continues past the closing */ because it is spaced in one compared to the opening /*. This causes the line to continue past the */ untill it runs into some other non-space-or-tab character.