Problem with language javascript autocomplete!?

hi when i use js file autocomplete not shown innerHTML()


please help me!

Once again, autocomplete-plus requires that you install providers for the specific languages you need support for. You can look through the list of autocomplete-plus providers to find the provider for the languages you need.

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i install atom-ternjs but dont show :sweat:

please help me

There is no such thing as innerHTML completion in atom. So the question is still very much Valid ! So let’s see:

  1. I installed atom-tern.js and he doesn’t recognize innerHTML command.
  2. I stored an object into a var " var outputDiv = document.getElementById(‘output’);" when using that var "outputDiv."
    no autocompletion is triggered even if it should have his default methods.

This is quite easy to fix, but not really obvious how to do it :slight_smile: Here are the steps:

  1. Install autocomplete-plus
  2. Install atom-ternjs
  3. Create or open any js file in your project
  4. Packages -> Atom Ternjs -> Configure Project
    5 Enable below libs the item browser
  5. Click on “Save and Restart Server”

By “Enable below libs the item browser” do you mean checking the browser checkbox in the libs section?