Problem with chrome bug making it impossible to play synched video in two browser windows


I’m having an issue trying to play synched video in two browser windows. I am loading a src into a video element of my mainBrowser window and then sending a message via ipcRenderer to main.js to tell the second browser window to load the same video (but from a separate duplicate folder and file) into the src of another video element.

If I do this I get an “uncaught in Promise - DOM Exception, the play() request was interrupted by a load request” error and some odd skipping behaviour where the wrong video loads.

This doesn’t happen if I just load the video in one browser window - so it seems to be related to loading video in two windows.

It seems to be related to a Chrome bug

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to workaround this bug?


I’m guessing you’re setting the srcof the video and then immediately calling play on it?

You might try waiting for the canplay event to fire first. Maybe something like this?

video.src = 'movie.mp4';
video.addEventListener('canplay', () => {; });